Daily sparkGeen categorie 20 February 2017

Let’s go offline – 30 day challenge

Remember the time you told your friends on MSN you were going offline because the internet was ridiculously expensive (or you wanted to attract your crush’s attention)? Oh, happy days. Imagine telling your MSN-loving self you would struggle with going offline for just five minutes in 2017. Digital demands and distractions slipped into our lives and it’s unthinkable to live without it anymore. One of the hardest parts of being a millennial? (trying to) Go offline and actually enjoying it.

Making time to go offline is healthy: it boosts your creativity, it helps you rediscover were you’re passionate about, it relieves stress and it’s definitely a winner for relationships. When was the last time you made time to unplug and enjoyed the offline things in life? If you had to think for at least 10 seconds, you make a perfect candidate for our little challenge.

The challenge / the rules
30 days, 30 moments of full offline commitment. We’ve selected some of the finest (and fun) offline activities for you. Choose the ones you like, drop the ones you don’t and add some to challenge yourself even more. Try and complete one activity each day for thirty days in a row. Before you start: treat yourself on a fresh notebook (click for some cute stationary inspo), because every new project deserves a good start. After completing each activity, you reflect. How did it go? Was it hard? How do you feel? Write it down, knowing that reflection is a very important part in growing.

Now it’s time to enjoy your own company and challenge yourself, although it’s not like you’re going to say goodbye to your phone/iPad/laptop for the next 30 days. Of course, Pinterest is not prohibited. And so is Facebook. You’re learning to let go irrelevant distractions. And that’s something we should all keep practising.

The activities

#1 Go to a museum

#2 Tell someone you love him/her (in person)

#3 Go to a cafe with a friend and have a drink / play a board game. Leave your phone at home.

#4 Practice yoga: in a class, or online (Yoga with Adriene is a personal favorite. And it’s free!)

#5 Delete your Facebook / Twitter / Instagram apps from your phone for at least 24 hours

#6 Introduce yourself to someone you haven’t met before

#7 Smile at a stranger

#8 Make a list of all the places in the world you want to go to

#9 Clean out your closet (win-win: a clean environment clears your head)

#10 Write a letter and post it to a good friend (or a tiny present)

#11 Give someone a compliment

#12 Walk through a neighborhood you haven’t been before

#13 Open the windows (and enjoy the fresh air – come on, breath in deeply!)

#14 Cook something delicious for someone

#15 Set your alarm clock: watch a sunrise

#16 Stop and look around for five minutes

#17 No television for 24 hours

#18 Make something (we’ve got plenty of cute DIY projects for you)

#19 Call a friend and listen to their story

#20 Donate your old clothes (if you did your #9 clean out that is)

#21 Buy a newspaper and read it

#22 Put your telephone on flight mode for a whole day

#23 Ask someone for directions

#24 Take three deep breaths

#25 Take a different route to your work/school

#26 Start your day stretching

#27 Swap a book with a friend

#28 Put on a song and dance!

#29 You can only check your email three times today

#30 Meditate for five minutes (there are a lot of apps around – Buddhify is one of my favorites)